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by | Aug 19, 2020 | Care Home Business Blog

The BBC reports that Care England has warned that potential insurance increases are ‘an absolutely enormous threat’ to the sector. Care England, a charity that represents providers across the country has said that without affordable insurance the sector is going to find it hard to take patients from hospitals.

There is a call for the Government to offer protection from the sector being sued over coronavirus deaths. The suggestion is that the protection should be a similar indemnity to the NHS, particularly in view of the governments statement that it will do everything to support the social care sector.

One operator has been told that his insurance will increase from £10,000 per annum to between £41,000 to £98,000, depending upon the insurance company. The operator has written directly to the health secretary calling for government help. The National Care Association has surveyed its members regarding insurance and 68% of those responding reported an increase in premiums which is worrying. Almost all of those responding confirmed that they had no Covid-19 cover.

The knock-on impact of this is huge. Without insurance operators will be unable to operate, will fail on their funding agreement with Banks who quite rightly insist on insurance being properly in place.

As always I am keen to hear from operators on what they are seeing in respect of their premiums and Insurance providers attitude toward the sector. The hope is that the government will react quickly to this issue and extend the indemnity given to the NHS to the social care sector too.


Colin Peacock accountant nursing and care homes Nottingham Derby Uttoxeter

Colin Peacock
Specialist Accountant for Nursing and Care Homes


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