HSKS Greenhalgh Corporate Finance Assist Elbar Worldwide Group To Secure £1m Funding

by | May 20, 2015 | Press Releases

The advice provided by HSKS Greenhalgh Corporate Finance has helped a South Derbyshire business specialising in food products and packaging to secure £1 million in funding to restructure its business facilities and expand the business.

Foston based Elbar Worldwide Group has agreed the finance with Barclays to enable them to develop and modernise its Foston premises. The development has made the Foston site one of the most up to date processing facilities in the area. The main areas covered are new flooring , modern up to date refrigeration and the erection of a new store on the site.

Barry Croft, Managing Director of the Elbar Worldwide Group said: “We are delighted to have secured the funding, which will enable us to further develop our site and our overall business and could potentially result in an extra ten jobs being created.”

‘’We have altered the business model of the whole group and are now reaping the benefits , we are looking forward to working with James Rutter and his team at Barclays and appreciate the help and advice given by Colin Peacock at HSKS Greenhalgh’’

HSKS Greenhalgh have been working with Barry Croft for many years and, commenting on the deal, Colin Peacock of HSKS Greenhalgh Corporate Finance said: ‘ The recession forced Barry to completely reassess his business and the transformation has been astounding. The move to Barclays was, in part, triggered by the way the previous bank dealt with the issues that the business faced, in comparison to Barclays, who showed a great deal of appetite to get this deal across the line’

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