Impact of Covid-19 by Region

by | Jun 24, 2020 | Care Home Business Blog

In a recent article published by Carterwood Analytics 171 local authorities were examined,to draw some conclusions as to the regional impact of Covid-19.

Unsurprisingly there has been significant variation in Covid-19 mortality rates across the country. The South East and Greater London have the highest number of deaths per thousand with Berkshire and South Tyneside also in the top five regions. The lowest rates are in Wales and Lincolnshire.

In terms of deaths in care homes, the South East, Yorkshire and Humberside, West Midlands, South West, East of England and the North East have suffered the most.

None of the above should come as a surprise given the media coverage on the subject and the numbers will no doubt continue to be analysed for the foreseeable future.

What is now apparent is that the bulk of care home deaths occurred in the early part of the process following NHS discharges without testing and, thankfully, seem to have eased latterly.

From discussions with my many nursing and care home clients, I am seeing quite a variation in experience, with some having no outbreaks of the virus and others who have faced challenges in some homes in particular.

On a positive note I have had few clients who have suffered with a severe shortage of PPE despite the media coverage although some did suffer from significant cost increases for a short period. 


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