Capital Allowance Claims

Would You Like To Receive a Tax Refund?

Your business could have thousands of pounds of previously unclaimed Capital Allowances!

We provide a specialist Capital Allowances Surveying Service, which is designed to identify previously unclaimed Capital Allowances within commercial properties and trades that require fixed plant and machinery.  The HSKSG Surveying Service aims to provide you with:

  • A tax refund
  • Reduced tax liability
  • Ongoing benefits

We work alongside a former HMRC Inspector and specialist RICS qualified Quantity Surveyors to secure potential tax refunds.

Our surveying service works on a contingent basis so there is no financial risk to you in exploring if you have unclaimed capital allowances.

We not only know what can be claimed, but more importantly how best to make that claim to HMRC.  Our detailed knowledge and application of Capital Allowances legislation means in most cases we can secure you a tax refund, reduce your payments on account and quantify an allowance that will benefit you for years to come.

Many business properties have untapped Capital Allowances. Potential properties include:

  • Hotels and holiday parks
  • Nursing and care homes
  • Pubs and restaurants
  • Offices
  • Golf Clubhouses
  • Doctors/Dentist Surgeries

We will take the following steps to save you money:

  • Survey your commercial building
  • Conduct a valuation of the qualifying items of plant and machinery by a Quantity Surveyor
  • Compile a comprehensive report for submission to HMRC
  • Provide any aftercare required to complete your claim.

Best of all, you have nothing to lose by exploring if there are any unclaimed capital allowances to be claimed.The HSKSG Surveying Service works on a contingent basis as our fees are calculated as a percentage of the Capital Allowances identified and, most importantly, agreed by HMRC.

If you would like to discuss how you can benefit from our service and save thousands of pounds please contact us.

Case Studies

Here are just some examples of successful capital allowance claims we have made on behalf of our clients.

  • One of our Manufacturing clients incurred a £2.99m spend on extending their warehouse/factory unit. We got involved before the ground was broken and have liaised with the client and their quantity surveyor throughout the project, enabling us to identify items totaling £1.1m potentially qualifying for capital allowances. This equates to a corporation tax saving of £308,000.
  • A nursing home client spent £6.73m on building and equipping a residential nursing home. We liaised with the architect and quantity surveyor and identified £2.09m of spend potentially qualifying for capital allowances, equating to a corporation tax saving of £585,000.
  • Another nursing home clientacquired a residential nursing home for £1.4m. We have been engaged to identify qualifying items within the building which may not have been the subject of previous capital allowance claims. We are enlisting the support of a property specialist who has indicated that there may be approximately £200k of items which will qualify, for which no previous claim has been made. This equates to a £42k corporation tax saving.
  • An agricultural client acquired and equipped three chicken farms. We obtained a detailed breakdown of their £5.5m spend,visited the sites to get an idea of the function of various items and identified £3.5m potentially qualifying for capital allowances. As the business is a partnership, this equates to a potential income tax saving of £1.4m.
  • A retail client who spent £45k equipping and fitting out a shop. We obtained a breakdown of the expenditure and £25k qualifed for capital allowances, equating to £10k in income tax savings.

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