Corporate Finance

Money makes the business world go round, so having a strong corporate finance function is essential if you want to create, develop and grow your business – or even purchase another one. However, it’s incredibly difficult to get right without piling all the planning pressures on yourself.

Whatever you need financing for, our team will help you get it safely and securely. We can find suitable sources of finance so you can achieve your goals – helping ambitious people is what we’re all about.

We can also help you buy or sell a business, for which getting professional advice at the outset is crucial. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we can advise you on all aspects of the transaction from start to finish. So, we’ll identify potential targets or buyers on your behalf, lead negotiations and lisae with your legal team so the whole process runs smoothly. We’ll also hammer out the details, including the tax implications so you only pay what you need to.


If you are thinking of expanding your business, or starting a new one, you will probably need to raise finance.

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Selling Your business

It is important to dispose of a business for the right reasons and these may not always be financial.

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Business for Sale

If you are looking to acquire, we can assist you in identifying potential acquisition targets.

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Businesses Wanted

We currently have potential buyers looking for acquisitions in a variety of sectors.

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Buying a Business

HSKSG Corporate Finance can help you to put together an acquisition strategy.

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MBOs and MBIs

MBOs/MBIs can offer management teams a once in a lifetime opportunity to own their own business.

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Business Valuations

An accurate business valuation will depend on consideration of a number of factors.

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Corporate Finance Case Studies

Examples of deals carried out by the HSKSG Corporate Finance team.

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Meet our experts

Colin Peacock - healthcare accountant corporate finance

Colin Peacock FCA

Managing Director and Head of HSKSG Corporate Finance


Martin Tomes Tax Accountant Nottingham

Martin Tomes CTA

Director - Taxation Services


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