Forensic Accounting

There may be a time when you need something more from an accountant than their regular accounting or tax service. Whether it’s a business valuation for divorce proceedings or a due diligence report to obtain bank funding, you’re going to need help from an accountant who can go beyond the regular.

As forensic accountants, we at HSKSG have the experience and technical know-how to conduct specialised investigations. We have a team dedicated specifically to forensic accounting to help you resolve whatever dispute you’re facing. With our advice, you’ll reduce the time, cost and risks involved in reaching a settlement as soon as possible.

Forensic accounting refers to using accounting, auditing and investigative skills to uncover information, identify irregularities in financial documents, quantify losses and recover illegitimate funds. We’ll present all our findings in a report that also details how we carried out our activities.

Our forensic accounting and litigation support team are led by Philip Handley, an ICAEW Accredited Forensic Accountant.  Contact Philip today if you or one of your clients are looking for an expert team who can offer constructive and commercial advice.

You can download a copy of Philip’s CV here.

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Fraud and Illegal Acts

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Meet our experts

Philip Handley Forensic Accountant

Philip Handley FCA

Director - Audit & Assurance Services and Forensic Accounting & Litigation Support


Martin Tomes Tax Accountant Nottingham

Martin Tomes CTA

Director - Taxation Services


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