Management Accounts

When you’re at the helm of a business, you have a range of responsibilities that demand your attention. Unfortunately, those responsibilities can distract you from financial planning. Before you know it, a niche opportunity has passed you by or an avoidable problem hits you hard.

But tracking your business month to month and quarter to quarter is itself a serious undertaking, taking up time and effort you might not have.

That’s where management accounts come in. These are reports that show the overall health of a business. They do this by detailing things like cashflow, opportunities and threats to help business owners make better decisions. We’ll get the most analytically-minded among our team to review your business’s finances and performance in real time so you can make better ones, too.

We will then use all the data we’ve gathered to advise you on the best course of action for the future. But our management accounts are also designed to empower you by putting your business’s finances back into your control. So, we always present our findings to you in easy-to-understand reports, with all the jargon cut. We add graphs and charts, too, alongside a succinct commentary to help whoever is reading, whether they are directors, managers, lenders, investors or stakeholders. 

That way, you’ll never have to make another decision with only half the facts.

Meet our experts

Colin Peacock - healthcare accountant corporate finance

Colin Peacock FCA

Managing Director and Head of HSKSG Corporate Finance


Kerry Hibbert Management Accounts Nottingham

Kerry Hibbert FCCA



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