Dispute Resolution

Unfortunately, it is not uncommon in business that two parties who have previously enjoyed a successful working relationship suddenly find themselves in dispute, whether this be a disagreement between Directors and/or Shareholders, or a contractual dispute with a customer or supplier.

The impact of such a dispute on a business cannot be underestimated, as many business owners or Directors often find themselves getting personally involved.  As a result, they find themselves spending less time focusing on the running of their business.

In order to try and minimise the impact of a dispute, firms finding themselves in this position are increasingly turning to alternative dispute resolution methods, which are a more cost effective and quicker route to resolving disagreements than traditional litigation.  Alternative dispute resolution can often involve the appointment of an independent accountant to provide a solution to the problem, for example by assessing the financial merits and the amount of a claim, by acting as an expert witness, or as an intermediary in order to assist both parties to reach a mutually agreeable solution.

In the event of a dispute, the HSKSG Forensic Accounting and Litigation Support Team can be appointed, often by a firm of solicitors, to prepare a report on the financial issues involved, to put forward any conclusions that can be drawn, in order for the dispute to be resolved as speedily and satisfactorily as possible.

In particular, we have undertaken a significant amount of divorce dispute work, referred to us by solicitors, and we are gaining a reputation for being both practical and commercial, with a view to achieving a speedy resolution.

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