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Selling Your Business

The decision to sell a business is always a difficult one. It is important to dispose of a business for the right reasons; these may not always be financial, but can often be for emotional reasons or because it is the right time to sell a business in a particular sector.

The role of HSKSG Corporate Finance varies from deal to deal, but can include:

  • Detailed marketing of the business through a large database of corporate financiers and sale agents, ensuring that any business is marketed to as big an audience as possible.
  • Identifying particular businesses that are acquisitive.
  • Negotiating price with purchasers.
  • Advising on the structure of the deal and funding proposals.
  • Liaising with and finding suitable corporate lawyers to deal with the detailed legal paperwork ensuring that you are protected in terms of the level of warranty etc that you have to give.
  • Assisting with the vendor’s advisors’ financial due diligence and dealing with the whole process on your behalf.

If you are looking to sell your business contact HSKSG Corporate Finance for advice to ensure that you get the best deal possible.

Meet our experts

Colin Peacock

Colin Peacock FCA

Managing Director and Head of HSKSG Corporate Finance


Martin Tomes

Martin Tomes CTA

Director - Taxation Services


Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews ACCA

Manager - HSKSG Corporate Finance


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